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May 2015
Building A Trusted Environment: A Snapshot of State Laws on Student Data Use, Privacy and Security


May 2015
A Policy and Legal “Syllabus” for Diversity Programs at Colleges and Universities

Art Coleman, James Montoya, Peter G. McDonough

March 2015
Getting Our House in Order: Transforming the Federal Regulation of Higher Education as America Prepares for the Challenges of Tomorrow

Art Coleman, Terri Taylor, Bethany Little, Kate Lipper

March 2015
“Moneyball” for Education: Using Data, Evidence, and Evaluation to Improve Federal Education Policy

Bethany Little, Frederick M. Hess

January 2015
College Board Access & Diversity Collaborative Issue Brief – Race-Neutral Strategies

Terri Taylor, Art Coleman, Kate Lipper, Brad Quin

December 2014
New Directions in Regulatory Reform: Prospects for Reducing Regulatory Burden Through Risk-Informed Approaches in Federal Law Governing American Higher Education

Art Coleman, Terri Taylor, Bethany Little

November 2014
Making it Real: Pre-Scoring Video to Clarify Expectations for Effective Teaching

Jess Wood, Jeff Archer, Steve Cantrell, Steven L. Holtzman, Jilliam N. Joe, Cynthia M. Tocci

October 2014
The Playbook: A Guide to Assist Institutions of Higher Education in Evaluation Race- and Ethnicity-Neutral Policies in Support of the Mission-Related Diversity Goals

Art Coleman, Terri Taylor, Kate Lipper

October 2014
The Research Agenda: An Issue Brief from the Access & Diversity Collaborative

Art Coleman, Brad Quin

July 2014
Leading in an Era of Change: Making the Most of State Course Access Programs

Art Coleman, Terri Taylor, Scott R. Palmer, John Bailey, Nathan Martin