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September 2016
Getting Our House in Order: Clarifying the Role of the State in Higher Education Quality Assurance

Terri Taylor, Art Coleman, Bethany Little and Amber Saddler

August 2016
Implications from Fisher II: The U.S. Supreme Court’s Guidance for Institutions of Higher Education Regarding Race-Conscious Enrollment Practices

Terri Taylor, Art Coleman

August 2016
EducationCounsel: Summary Analysis of ED’s Proposed ESSA Regulations for Consolidated Plans, Accountability, School Improvement, and Data Reporting & ED’s Proposed ESSA Regulations Assessments and Innovative Assessment Pilots

Jennifer Castagna, Kathryn Young, Dan Gordon, Bethany Little and Scott Palmer

August 2016
Comments from EducationCounsel on the US Department of Education’s Proposed ESSA Regulations, Particularly Consolidated State Plans

Education Counsel

June 2016
The U.S. Supreme Court’s Second Ruling in Fisher v. University of Texas: Preliminary Q&A on the Decision and Its Possible Implications

CollegeBoard, EducationCounsel

May 2016
Better Feedback for Better Teaching: A Practical Guide to Improving Classroom Observations

Jeff Archer, Steve Cantrell, Steven L. Holtzman, Jilliam N. Joe, Cynthia M. Tocci, and Jess Wood

May 2016
Framework for Risk-Informed, Differentiated Accreditation


May 2016
Start Your Engines: Why Pending, Draft Federal Regulations on ESSA State Plans Are So Important, And Five Things to Look For

Scott Palmer

March 2016
Bridging the Research to Practice Gap: Achieving Mission-Driven Diversity and Inclusion Goals

Terri Taylor, Jeff Milem, Art Coleman

February 2016
Understanding Why the Every Student Succeeds Act Allows Federal Funds to Support State Administration of Common Core-Aligned Assessments

Terri Taylor, Steve Winnick, and Scott Palmer