A Baseline for Educational Recovery – Defining A Pathway For Statewide Assessments This Year Based on Desired Use

Published December 18, 2020
by Mary Ann Snider, Lisa Dare, Sandi Jacobs, Sean Worley

This document aims to help state leaders navigate the uncharted territory of administering statewide assessments amidst the educational and societal disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. EducationCounsel, with support from a coalition of funders, engaged Mary Ann Snider, the former Rhode Island Deputy Commissioner and Director of Assessment, and Lisa Dare, who has worked with New Meridian Corporation, the New York City Department of Education, and the College Board, to draw on their expertise and practitioner experience to lay out the options available to states - and the tradeoffs among those options - as they make decisions about their assessment systems and how they use the resulting data this year. The purpose of this document is to provide a tool to help state leaders and other key stakeholders understand the options available and to help each state chart its best course toward spring assessments based on its goals and circumstances.