A New Model for GI Bill® Quality Assurance: Overview of the Risk-Based Review System

Published December 2020
by Nathan Arnold, Meghan-Joy Woodall, Joe Wescott, Jessica Morales, Joe Fretwell, Beth Stein, and Bethany Little

Over the past 20 years, numerous higher education institutions have closed without warning, leaving student veterans without degrees and few options. But by implementing a new risk-based review system, state agencies will for the first time target their reviews to the riskiest providers most likely to leave veterans worse off, help students finish their studies if their school may be at risk of closure, and push schools to improve or risk losing GI Bill dollars if they continually fail to offer veterans a meaningful path to economic advancement. Most importantly, this new system is built on public data and designed so that states can evaluate program risk with more consistency across states and sectors. This means that this model is a critical proof point for how states can protect all students, not just student veterans.