Bridging the Research to Practice Gap: Achieving Mission-Driven Diversity and Inclusion Goals

Published March 2016
by Terri Taylor, Jeff Milem, Art Coleman

This paper aims to help institutions of higher education learn from and leverage existing research to enhance their ability to meet mission-driven diversity and inclusion goals through well-supported policies and practices. Based on a review of more than 1,200 research studies and engagement with a wide range of stakeholders over three years, the paper examines the existing research base in five areas:

  • Institutional goals related to the educational benefits of diversity
  • Defining and measuring success in achieving institutional goals
  • Enrollment strategies
  • Strategies in and outside the classroom
  • Alignment Across Policies and Programs
After summarizing the current landscape and highlighting particularly promising findings, the paper provides recommendations for policy, practice, and future research in hopes of continuing to bridge the research to practice gap.