EducationCounsel’s Summary of Secretary Cardona’s Speech on a “Vision for Education in America”

Published January 28, 2022
by Annie Katz and Jenn Castagna

On January 27, U.S. Department of Education (USED) Secretary Miguel Cardona delivered a speech outlining his priorities for the Department, as well as his priorities for “continued recovery through the pandemic and improving America’s education system more broadly.”   During the speech, the Secretary outlined four priority areas for the Department, including: (1) supporting students through pandemic response and recovery; (2) boldly addressing opportunity and achievement gaps; (3) making higher education more inclusive and affordable; and (4) ensuring pathways through higher education lead to successful careers.   Click the download button to the left to review EducationCounsel’s summary of the speech, including key to know information on what the speech could mean for the Department’s work and proposed investments in the coming months and years.