Enhancing Faculty Diversity: Policy, Law and Strategy Perspectives

Published February 2020
by Jamie Lewis Keith

This article addresses key policy drivers and considerations, as well as legal design parameters, for effective and legally sustainable initiatives to enhance the diversity of college and university faculty. Its guidance is intended for policy decision-makers and lawyers. This article is an initial contribution to an Alfred P. Sloan Foundation funded project of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Diversity and the Law, Part II, which is being undertaken by EducationCounsel. The project is supplementing and providing a 10-year update of robust policy and law resources developed in the first phase of the project in 2009-2010. The objective of this article and the project is to support strong commitment and wise action by colleges and universities to advance diversity and equity in STEMM education and academic careers in a challenging legal landscape, through productive partnerships of academic decision-makers and legal advisors. The article provides guidance that should be useful in all fields; and, while the project is focused on STEMM fields, its resources also should be useful broadly.