Federal Non-Discrimination Law Regarding Financial Aid and Scholarships: The Basics of Law and Policy

Published January 2019
by Art Coleman and Jamie Lewis Keith

On January 16, 2019, the College Board's Access and Diversity Collaborative hosted a webinar titled "Federal Non-Discrimination Law: Implications for Higher Education Financial Aid and Scholarship Policies and Programs." This webinar, conducted by Art Coleman and Jamie Lewis Keith of EducationCounsel, focuses on issues of federal non-discrimination law, including Title VI, relevant to scholarships and financial aid. Incorporating federal court admission decisions associated with student diversity, as well as USED non-discrimination policies and OCR case resolutions involving claims of discrimination in aid, the webinar provides insight into and ideas about strategies and action steps that can help achieve institutional goals associated with diversity, while also mitigating legal risk. A full recording of the webinar is here.