States Partnering with Educational Service Agencies to Increase Capacity, Coherence, and Equity

Published June 2020
by Dan Gordon, Sean Worley

This guide, authored by EducationCounsel in collaboration with and on behalf of CCSSO, explores how state education agencies (SEAs) can better partner with their Educational Service Agencies (ESAs) to extend state capacity, build coherent systems, and ensure equity across school districts that have different needs. The guide provides information on what these regional bodies are, the various types of governance and funding structures that exist across states, and examples of how SEAs are currently leveraging them to pursue their priorities and goals. It presents a framework through which SEAs can better understand what leverage they might have to influence how ESAs function in their states, and it recommends a set of strategies SEAs can consider pursuing given their specific contexts. (Click here for more context about this resource.)