Transforming the Education Sector into a Learning System: Perspectives from the Field and Recommendations

Published April, 2021
by Dan Gordon, Elise Henson, Lynn Olson, Scott Palmer, LaVerne Srinivasan

In 2019, we made the case for why our education agenda must prioritize adopting a learning systems approach in education at all levels, and we articulated a framework for what such a system should look like and include, in terms of both design and culture. In this follow-up report with Carnegie Corporation of New York, we attempt to answer the question of how we begin to make and accelerate these shifts, drawing on the insights and experiences of those leaders in the field doing the hard work to create a learning systems approach in their own contexts. The paper identifies seven main challenges with the current status of our framework's learning systems infrastructures and six recommendations that are ripe for action. Some would represent new efforts, while others would accelerate and expand efforts already underway.