E-Update for October 23, 2015

E-Update for October 23, 2015


  • On Thursday evening Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) formally announced that he will run for Speaker of the House, after securing endorsements from Republican factions earlier in the day. Speaker Boehner has scheduled a conference meeting for Wednesday, October 28, for House Republicans to nominate the next Speaker with a floor vote the following day.
  • As discussions on the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) and the Higher Education Act (HEA) continued in Congress, work on the reauthorization of the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act (Perkins) got underway.
  • Cathy Holahan authored this week’s LatestCounsel, “Chronic Absenteeism… A Canary in the Coal Mine,” which highlights the importance of recognizing chronic absenteeism as a powerful predictor of potential failure and a key trigger for quick intervention. Read it here.


U.S Congress

Sens. Mike Enzi and Bob Casey Work to Reauthorize Perkins Career and Technical Education Act: Sens. Mike Enzi (R-WY) and Bob Casey (D-PA) are working with Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Committee leadership on the reauthorization of the Perkins Career and Technical Education Act. They are accepting recommendations for the rewrite of the bill, based on a set of bipartisan principles for reauthorization, until Wednesday, October 28. Recommendations can be sent to CTE@help.senate.gov.

House Veterans’ Affairs Economic Opportunity Subcommittee Holds Hearing on VetSuccess on Campus:
The House Veterans’ Affairs Economic Opportunity Subcommittee held a hearing on the VA’s VetSuccess on Campus program, which provides counselors on campuses to help veterans transition to campus life. Webcast and testimonies are available here.
October 22, 2015

Rep. Scott Rigell Introduces America First Act to Replace Sequestration Cuts: Rep. Scott Rigell (R-VA) introduced H.R. 3777, the “America First Act.” The bill aims to avoid 75% of the possible sequester cuts by generating revenues from reforming Medicare, limiting tax expenditures, and other means.
October 21, 2015

House Passes Reauthorization of D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program: The House passed a reauthorization of the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program, a voucher program which provides scholarships to low-income children for tuition and other fees at participating private schools. The bill, H.R. 10, which includes the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program as well as federal funds for D.C. public schools and public charter schools, passed in the House with a vote of 240-191.
October 21, 2015


U.S Department of Education

Administration Announces Next Gen High School Summit: In an article jointly released from the White House and U.S. Department of Education (USED), the Administration announced that they will host the Next Gen High School Summit this November, to facilitate a national conversation on transforming high schools to better serve all students. The Administration also plans to highlight strong collaborations that have committed to engage in comprehensive high school redesign work, and has asked collaborations to submit their commitments and goals with this web form.
October 23, 2015

USED Approves D.C. and 17 States’ Educator Equity Plans: The U.S. Department of Education (USED) announced the approval of the District of Columbia and 17 states’ plans to ensure equitable access to excellent educators as part of its Excellent Educators for All Initiative.  Last month USED approved 16 states’ plans.  In all, 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico have submitted plans for review by USED.
October 22, 2015

Secretary Duncan Announces ACSD as Partner in Teach to Lead Program: Secretary Duncan announced ASCD as a new partner in USED’s Teach to Lead program, which aims to expand opportunities for teacher leadership in ways that enhance student learning while making it possible for teachers to stay in the classroom. ASCD will join the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards as a partner.
October 21, 2015

USED Releases Resource Guide on Supporting Undocumented Students: USED released a resource guide on supporting undocumented students in high school and college. The guide provides resources for educators, school leaders, and community organizations. The guide can be found here.
October 20, 2015

USED Releases Preliminary Data on Graduation Rates: USED announced the release of preliminary data showing that high school graduation rates would rise for the third straight year.  The initial data show that many states are narrowing the gap for traditionally underserved students.
October 19, 2015



On October 26, the Council for Great City Schools will host a press conference and panel discussion entitled, “Student Testing in America’s Great City Schools: An Inventory and Preliminary Analysis.” Education officials along with state and local leaders will discuss how often students are assessed and how results are used, as well as how to improve assessment systems. Register here.

On October 27, the House Committee on Education and the Workforce will host a hearing entitled, “Improving Career and Technical Education to Help Students Succeed in the Workforce.” The hearing will take place at 10am in room 2261 of the Rayburn House Office Building. Hearing information is available here.

On October 28, National Assessment Governing Board (NAGB) and the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) will release “the Nation’s Report Card: 2015 Mathematics and Reading.” The report will examine fourth and eighth grade-students’ NAEP results. There will be a release event with a panel discussion in Washington, D.C., and a webcast will also be available. Register here.


New Legislation

H.R.3765 : ADA Education and Reform Act of 2015
Sponsor: Rep Poe, Ted [TX-2] (introduced 10/20/2015)      Cosponsors (2)
Committees: House Judiciary

H.R.10 : Scholarships for Opportunity and Results Reauthorization Act
Sponsor: Rep Boehner, John A. [OH-8] (introduced 10/5/2015)      Cosponsors (14)
Committees: House Oversight and Government Reform
House Reports: 114-292

S.2186 : A bill to provide the legal framework necessary for the growth of innovative private financing options for students to fund postsecondary education, and for other purposes.
Sponsor: Sen Rubio, Marco [FL] (introduced 10/20/2015)      Cosponsors (None)
Committees: Senate Finance

S.2190 : A bill to amend the Higher Education Act of 1965 to establish a scholarship program for educators of rural students and provide for loan forgiveness for rural educators, to amend the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 to provide professional development grants for rural elementary schools and secondary schools, and for other purposes.
Sponsor: Sen Tester, Jon [MT] (introduced 10/21/2015)      Cosponsors (None)
Committees: Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions

S.2191 : A bill to establish Federal-State higher education financing partnerships to drive down the cost of tuition for millions of American students.
Sponsor: Sen Wyden, Ron [OR] (introduced 10/21/2015)      Cosponsors (1)
Committees: Senate Finance

H.R.3772 : Stop Obesity in Schools Act of 2015
Sponsor: Rep Lowey, Nita M. [NY-17] (introduced 10/20/2015)      Cosponsors (9)
Committees: House Energy and Commerce; House Education and the Workforce

H.R.3777 : To provide for relief from sequester under the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985 and offsets to such relief through reforms in certain revenue and direct spending programs, and for other purposes.
Sponsor: Rep Rigell, E. Scott [VA-2] (introduced 10/21/2015)  Cosponsors (None)
Committees: House Ways and Means; House Budget; House Energy and Commerce; House Judiciary; House Education and the Workforce; House Oversight and Government Reform; House Homeland Security; House Financial Services; House Agriculture

H.R.3782 : To amend the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act of 1974 to eliminate the use of valid court orders to secure lockup of status offenders, and for other purposes.
Sponsor: Rep Cardenas, Tony [CA-29] (introduced 10/21/2015)   Cosponsors (11)
Committees: House Education and the Workforce

H.R.3783 : To provide definitions of terms and services related to community-based gang intervention to ensure that funding for such intervention is utilized in a cost-effective manner and that community-based agencies are held accountable for providing holistic, integrated intervention services, and for other purposes.
Sponsor: Rep Cardenas, Tony [CA-29] (introduced 10/21/2015)   Cosponsors (14)
Committees: House Education and the Workforce

H.R.3786 : To amend the Higher Education Act of 1965 and the Truth in Lending Act to clarify the application of prepayment amounts on student loans.
Sponsor: Rep Davis, Susan A. [CA-53] (introduced 10/21/2015)  Cosponsors (1)
Committees: House Education and the Workforce; House Financial Services

H.R.3790 : To improve science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education, and for other purposes.
Sponsor: Rep Kelly, Robin L. [IL-2] (introduced 10/21/2015) Cosponsors (None)
Committees: House Education and the Workforce

H.R.3795 : To improve certain provisions relating to charter schools.
Sponsor: Rep Ryan, Tim [OH-13] (introduced 10/21/2015)   Cosponsors (None)
Committees: House Education and the Workforce

S.RES.292 : A resolution expressing the sense of the Senate that the availability of high-quality childcare for working parents should be increased.
Sponsor: Sen Murray, Patty [WA] (introduced 10/22/2015)      Cosponsors (24)
Committees: Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions

H.R.3800 : To amend section 9A of the Richard B. Russell National School Lunch Act to require that local school wellness policies include a requirement that students receive 50 hours of school nutrition education per school year.
Sponsor: Rep Cartwright, Matt [PA-17] (introduced 10/22/2015)      Cosponsors (32)
Committees: House Education and the Workforce



Individual Learning Plans for College and Career Readiness: State Policies and School Based Priorities: Developed by the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), this report examines how states and schools have responded to the changing economic and technological landscape through the implementation of Individual Learning Plans (ILPs). ILPs are developed collaboratively by students and school personnel to set goals for students’ academic and career futures.
October 22, 2015

How the States Got Their Rates: Achieve released this report which examines the 93 diploma options across all 50 states and the District of Colombia for 2015. Specifically, the report investigates the diploma options in order to determine if each diploma has requirements that would meet Achieve’s definition of college and career ready, namely three years of mathematics (through Algebra II or an integrated third year math course) and four years of rigorous, grade-level English.
October 19, 2015

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