About Us

our mission

Who We Are

EducationCounsel is a mission-based education consulting firm that combines significant experience in policy, strategy, law and advocacy to drive improvements in the U.S. education system. We develop and advance evidence-based ideas at the local, state, and national levels to strengthen educational systems and promote expanded opportunities and improved outcomes for all students in order to close achievement gaps and significantly improve education outcomes for all children from early childhood through postsecondary education.

What We Do

EducationCounsel’s deep institutional knowledge and partnerships with major stakeholders and policymakers at all levels help bring together the threads of policy, program design, and implementation for our clients, many of whom are leading nonprofits, foundations, state education agencies, school districts, and institutions.

We work with clients from the conception of their goals through efforts to build consensus and create implementation plans to actualize them, providing ongoing counsel to address the complexities of the laws, policies, and stakeholders at all levels.

How We Do It

We focus on both broad-scale transformation and bringing together the stakeholders and systems required to implement at the school and institutional level, and then continue our work with our clients and their partners to ensure that their efforts remain sustainable over time.

  • Our deep policy background allows us to work with clients to help them develop effective policies to address intractable problems involving multiple layers of policy and stakeholders.
  • Our knowledge of the law enables us to provide accurate assessments of what is doable and ensure that our partners’ initiatives will not need to be undone.
  • Our knowledge of research—and its effective application to real-world problems—ensures that these efforts are grounded in a knowledge base that provides greater assurance of success based on hard-earned lessons from efforts to replicate results in different contexts.

EducationCounsel’s advocacy efforts don’t simply rely on relationships to serve as “door openers,” but rather bring the power of information to the policy discussion.

Improved Outcomes For All

We have a track record of forging the partnerships needed to bring about meaningful and systemic change. Throughout EducationCounsel’s history, clients have relied upon our deep knowledge and experience to develop lasting solutions to complex problems at the federal, state, and local levels. Together, we can make real change for all students and help them achieve their goals.