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December 2019
How Federal Higher-Education Policy Can Safely Support Innovation

Nathan Arnold, Jessica Morales, and Bethany Little

November 2019
A Cross-Walk Of Neutral Strategies and Criteria: Mapping Plays from The Playbook (2d ed. 2019) to Major Federal Nondiscrimination Cases

Art Coleman and Jamie Lewis-Keith

June 2019
Informing Improvement: Recommendations for Enhancing Accreditor Data-Use to Promote Student Success and Equity

Nathan Arnold, Mamie Voight, Jessica Morales, Kim Dancy, and Art Coleman

November 2019
The Playbook: Understanding the Role of Race Neutral Strategies in Advancing Higher Education Diversity Goals (2d Ed. 2019)

Art Coleman, Jamie Lewis-Keith, and Emily Webb

October 2019
Takeaways from the District Court Decision in Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard: A Preliminary Analysis

Art Coleman and Jamie Lewis-Keith

April 2019
Pursuit of Student Body Diversity is Doable, But Do It Right!

Jamie Lewis Keith, Partner, EducationCounsel LLC, with an insert by Alexandra Schimmer, Associate Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, The Ohio State University

June 2019
Federal Nondiscrimination Law Regarding Diversity: Implications for Higher Education Financial Aid and Scholarship Policies and Programs

Art Coleman and Jamie Lewis-Keith

April 2019
Social and Emotional Learning and Development, Conditions for Learning, and Whole Child Supports in ESSA State Plans

Kathryn Young and Emily Webb

January 2019
Federal Non-Discrimination Law Regarding Financial Aid and Scholarships: The Basics of Law and Policy

Art Coleman and Jamie Lewis Keith

February 2019
Transforming the Education Sector into a Learning System: Harnessing the Power of Continuous Improvement, Research & Development, and Data to Improve Outcomes for Each and Every Child (Executive Summary)

Dan Gordon, Scott Palmer, and Sean Darling-Hammond