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January 26, 2021
EducationCounsel’s Summary of the Biden Administration’s Early Actions Related to Education

Jennifer Castagna, Sean Worley, and Kristin Herrmann

January 15, 2021
EducationCounsel’s Overview of President-Elect Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan

Jennifer Castagna and Sean Worley

February 2021
New School Staffing Strategies Inspired by the Pandemic

Lynn Olson, Sandi Jacobs, Tom Toch

December 18, 2020
A Baseline for Educational Recovery – Defining A Pathway For Statewide Assessments This Year Based on Desired Use

Mary Ann Snider, Lisa Dare, Sandi Jacobs, Sean Worley

December 2020
A New Model for GI Bill® Quality Assurance: Overview of the Risk-Based Review System

Nathan Arnold, Meghan-Joy Woodall, Joe Wescott, Jessica Morales, Joe Fretwell, Beth Stein, and Bethany Little

November 2020
The 2020 Election Results: An Outlook for Education Policy

Sean Worley, Jennifer Castagna

October 2020
Engaging Campus Stakeholders on Enrollment Issues Associated with Student Diversity: A Communications Primer

Art Coleman, Jamie Lewis Keith, Emily Webb

August 2020
Overview of the Negotiations Process and Comparison of the Senate Republicans’ proposed coronavirus relief package to the Democrats’ HEROES Act

Jennifer Castagna, Sean Worley

7/14/20 (updated)
The U.S. Department of Education 2020 Title IX Regulations: Major Implications for STEMM Academic and Professional Disciplinary Societies and Higher Education

Jamie Lewis Keith, Arthur Coleman, and Lisa Battalia

June 2020
States Partnering with Educational Service Agencies to Increase Capacity, Coherence, and Equity

Dan Gordon, Sean Worley