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October 2020
Engaging Campus Stakeholders on Enrollment Issues Associated with Student Diversity: A Communications Primer

Art Coleman, Jamie Lewis Keith, Emily Webb

7/14/20 (updated)
The U.S. Department of Education 2020 Title IX Regulations: Major Implications for STEMM Academic and Professional Disciplinary Societies and Higher Education

Jamie Lewis Keith, Arthur Coleman, and Lisa Battalia

November 2019
A Cross-Walk Of Neutral Strategies and Criteria: Mapping Plays from The Playbook (2d ed. 2019) to Major Federal Nondiscrimination Cases

Art Coleman and Jamie Lewis-Keith

June 2019
Informing Improvement: Recommendations for Enhancing Accreditor Data-Use to Promote Student Success and Equity

Nathan Arnold, Mamie Voight, Jessica Morales, Kim Dancy, and Art Coleman

November 2019
The Playbook: Understanding the Role of Race Neutral Strategies in Advancing Higher Education Diversity Goals (2d Ed. 2019)

Art Coleman, Jamie Lewis-Keith, and Emily Webb

October 2019
Takeaways from the District Court Decision in Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard: A Preliminary Analysis

Art Coleman and Jamie Lewis-Keith

June 2019
Federal Nondiscrimination Law Regarding Diversity: Implications for Higher Education Financial Aid and Scholarship Policies and Programs

Art Coleman and Jamie Lewis-Keith

December 2018
Understanding Holistic Review in Higher Education Admissions: Guiding Principles and Model Illustrations

Art Coleman and Jamie Lewis Keith

December 2016
State-Federal Partnerships in Postsecondary Education – Enhancing State Authorization: The Need for Action by States as Stewards of Higher Education Performance

Thomas Harnisch, Barmak Nassirian, Amber Saddler, and Art Coleman

March 2016
Bridging the Research to Practice Gap: Achieving Mission-Driven Diversity and Inclusion Goals

Terri Taylor, Jeff Milem, Art Coleman